How to get rid of a hickey  - all the options

A hickey is a small bruise on the skin caused by either a bug bite or intense kissing/sucking. Hickeys can be found on any part of the body but they are common around the neck and face regions. It may take up to a week or more for a hickey to heal naturally although some may disappear within a few days. The neck and face regions are conspicuous hence remedies for removing hickeys on such areas are necessary. A hickey can be removed through a variety of methods which will be discussed below.

Since there is no immediate way of getting rid of a hickey, it can be worthwhile hiding it with clothes or hair depending on where it may be found. However, hiding it may not always help thus necessitating the use of hickey removal remedies. 

The following are some the ways of how to get rid of a hickey;

1. Massage 

Finger massage can help to remove some hickeys. Hickeys which are older than 48 hours can be remedied in this way. A finger massage should be repeated on the hickey region for as many times as possible to remove the blood clots and to enhance circulation of blood around the region. Massaging can also be aided using a hand towel saturated with some water. 

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera extract can act as a good moisturizer for pricked skin. This extract can be applied directly on the hickey region followed by finger massage to aid the absorption of the herb. Alternatively, an Aloe Vera lotion can be applied on the surface. Aside from its medicinal purpose, Aloe Vera can soften the skin surface thus enabling the blood clots to disappear.

3. Warm Water Treatment

When removing hickeys older than 48 hours, warm water treatment is suitable. Normally, hickeys form blood clots as they initiate healing. These blood clots can are removed by applying warm water. A towel soaked with warm water is used to rub on the hickey repeatedly until the clot disappears. 

4. Cold Treatment  

Cold treatment is suitable for treating fresh hickeys. Fresh hickeys are less than 48 hours old and may ooze some blood. To stop bleeding, a cold metal such as a spoon placed in a freezer is used to press the hickey region. The technique is repeated as many times as possible until the bleeding stops. Alternatively, some ice cubes can be wrapped in a towel and pressed against the hickey. 

5. Banana Peels 

Banana peels work in the same way as the cold treatment technique. When applying this method, a small piece of a banana peel is cut and massaged against the region of the hickey. The procedure can be repeated for two to three times in a day until the hickey disappears.

6. Vitamin C/Oranges 

Vitamin C which is commonly found in oranges is an ideal nutrient for skin repair. In addition, it has some healing properties that are best for recovery from hickeys. Users can take a glass of extra juice in place of the conventional juices to enhance better results. Vitamin C preparations are also available from the pharmacy for supplementary use. 

7. Methylated Spirit/Ethanol

Ethanol or methylated spirit can be used as an immediate remedy for hickeys. Apart from its cooling property, ethanol is also a disinfectant that helps to keep the hickey from getting more infections. A small amount of ethanol or methylated spirit is saturated on cotton then rubbed against the hickey. Repeating this procedure increases the chances of the hickey healing rapidly.

Dozens of strategies are available for getting rid of hickeys. However, most of this techniques work in a similar manner. Still, users should have the freedom to decide their suitable method.